Clamato is not healthy

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High Fructose Corn Syrup is the third ingredient in Clamato. So if you drink it with vodka your putting a double whammy on your liver.

Do your own research on High Fructose Corn Syrup, but at the bottom is an except from Dr. Mercola to give you an idea. I love Bloody Casear's used to drink them all the time. In 2007 I suffered a near heart attach and received 2 stints.

I was on high does of medication that started making me sick with serious side effects. Today I am totally prescription drug free and my health is great. It is mostly due to dietary changes and one of the biggest factors was cutting out sugar. I don't drink Clamato any longer.

Also, I've contacted Mott's in the past asking why they don't experiment on removing it from their recipe. They only replied that there was no interest in changing the recipe. I guess it's because Americans and Canadians love sugar and want everything sweet. "Fructose, the most damaging type of sugar to your body, is particularly hard on your liver, much like alcohol: * Fructose must be 100 percent broken down by your liver.

Glucose on the other hand only needs to be partially broken down before it can be utilized.

* Fructose is metabolized directly into fat that gets stored in your liver and other internal organs and tissues as body fat, which leads to mitochondrial malfunction * Fructose produces toxic metabolites and superoxide free radicals when it is metabolized, that can lead to inflammation in your liver Fructose is a cheap form of sugar that’s found in thousands of food products and drinks. It’s often deliberately disguised by the use of many different names, so the only way to steer clear of it completely is to avoid eating processed foods."

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Clamato in Norfolk, Nebraska - Great value?


This brand is okay for generic use, but our store is substituting for pretty much everything. Some brand names simply cannot be replaced. The latest we noticed was Clamato.

Cheap is good, but cheap quality isn't good and it appears walmart is going in that direction.

For anyone interested, our store is in Norfolk, NE.

This probably won't do any good as we are just one couple, but if any walmart execs should happen to read this, just remember you are never too big to be knocked down.

In talking to other customers, we are not alone in our feelings.



What I like about walmart, is you have that choice to either get the cheap great value brand, or get the more expensive nicer brand. In some cases its worth the money to by the more expensive item, and in other cases, it doesn't make a difference.

So I like the idea that they offer the best of both worlds.


"generic" is so we can afford it, not use it a generically. (is that a word)? simply use clamato if you dont like the generic brand.its our right, use it wisely and stop crying.

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